Introducing Threadsfeeds platform

Threadsfeeds let’s you connect and share your thoughts with the world

About Us

Threadsfeeds is an app from Enkling where you can post threads, reply to others and follow profiles that you're interested in.

  • Threads and replies can include short pieces of text, links
  • Photos, videos or any combination of them including files
  • People can also follow you to see your threads and replies

Who can see your posts is determined by your profile's privacy setting. People can reply to your posts to add to the discussion, or like, share, quote or repost your content. Anyone who has any Enkling platform accounts or without can create a Threadsfeeds profile.

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Introducing Threadsfeeds, Limevideos, Picselgram and Enkling platforms

Threadsfeeds is a new platform, built by the Enkling team, for sharing texts, images, videos, links and many more, updates and joining public conversations.


Your profile can follow and be followed by people

Our vision is that Threadsfeeds will enable you to communicate with people on other fediverse platforms. Users from other servers will have the name of their server added to their username displayed on Threadsfeeds (e.g.

Social media 100%
Digital marketing 90%
Business networking 75%

Features & Services

Who can see your posts is determined by your profile's privacy setting. You can also like, share or repost a thread. You can start a new thread and choose who can reply to it. Anything you post on Threadsfeeds is subject to Enkling’s data usage guidelines.

Post text

With text features you can let your followers and others know what’s on your mind

Share Images

You can share your favourite or trending images with your followers and others

Share videos

Share your favourite videos what’s trending on social media with followers

Create Fundraiser

With the fundraiser feature you can raise public funds to support your good cause


Our plan is to make Threadsfeeds part of the fediverse – a social network of different servers operated by third parties that are connected and can communicate with each other. Each server on the fediverse operates on its own but can talk to other servers on the fediverse that run on the same protocol. We plan for Threads to use a protocol called ActivityPub to talk to other servers that support this protocol.

Brand Responsibility

We have a big responsibility to protect free expression. And we will continue to cooperate with all partners who want to both preserve people’s right to freely express themselves, and equally work to create a safe and healthy space for everyone.

Our beliefs

On Threadsfeeds, people are free to be their true selves

Free expression

People of all backgrounds have the right to express themselves

Our values

Free expression is fundamental to a healthy functioning global

People’s rights

On Threadsfeeds we will continue to stand up for people’s rights

Frequently Asked Questions

We use your Threadsfeeds account's data in accordance with Enkling’s Privacy Policy to do things such as import your profile information, personalise your feeds and help you stay safe on both apps. We may use data from Threadsfeeds to personalise and improve your experience across Enkling and to promote the safety and integrity of our services.

  • A thread is something you post on your profile

    A thread is something you post that appears on your profile and in a feed. It can include short pieces of text, links, photos, videos or any combination of them. Who can see your thread follows your profile's privacy setting.

  • To add to your thread, tap Add to thread. If your thread contains more than 500 characters, another thread will be added automatically. To change who can reply to your thread, tap Anyone can reply in the bottom left. You can limit who can reply to Profiles you follow or Mentioned only. If you limit replies, your thread won't be shared with your fediverse followers. Tap Post in the bottom right. You'll see a progress bar at the top while your thread is being posted.

  • To include a voice recording in your post. Tap the red button to begin recording. Once you've finished recording, tap the red button again. Your post will include both the voice recording and text of the voice recording.

  • Bear in mind If someone replies to your thread and you delete your thread, their reply won't be deleted. If a private profile you don't follow replies to your thread, you won't be able to see their reply. Anything you post on Threadsfeeds is subject to Enkling’s data usage guidelines.

  • You can add to a discussion by replying to others. Your reply will appear in the thread and on your profile, where people will be able to reply to it. Note that you may not be able to see all of the replies to you (e.g. if someone with a private profile replies to you and you don't follow them).